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I guess I have grown up the corporate ladder. Now I am taking one day trip to other cities. These one day trips are good because it just like going to the office and then coming back home the same day except that the medium of transport is an airplane.

One day before Diwali and the airfare had shot up more than 3 times. People rushing to be home for the holidays. Considering the morning flight, the evening flight is not full. All the seats in my row are vacant. Most of us are home

Being the first Diwali after the marriage means I have to be home before tomorrow. Amu is waiting.

35000 feet up in the air, I am on my way home.

Even after so many flights, I have a scary feeling every time the plane takes flight. I have to calm my nerves when the plane takes flight, more when I am travelling alone. Its not just the flight but I think I am more scared nowadays…of everything.

For an unknown reason.  Hope this feeling passes out.

Maybe the feeling is because I am not alone now. With the responsibility of another person, I am worrying about the future, But then her "Don’t worry" can work wonders too. As everybody sleeps around me and I can even hear someone snoring over the engine’s sound, I am going through my wedding pictures. The marriage will be 5 months old 4 days from now.

Its the time of knowing each other.

We have married late in life and we have lots of catching up to do. I want to hold up to every moment that passes. The wait was worth it!

In all my trips to Delhi, this is the second most fastest stay here. The earlier one was back in New Year eve of 2010 when I landed just before midnight and was out of Delhi by 6:00 AM.

On my flight and return from Delhi, I have been travelling on Indigo flight. I was surprised to see the same hairstyle for all hairhostess until I realized that they were all probably wearing a wig. Having the same Uniform is mandatory for Air staff but same hair style is taking the matters just too far.

Its after many days I felt like writing. Just expressing without any topic to discuss. I want to write but work and life takes preference over writing. With a photo blog that demands attention everyday, F2F takes a back seat and then subjects become old and I lose the enthusiasm to write about that topic.

Reaching home in couple of hour and publishing this. Hope you all have a good Diwali

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali from Amu and Me!


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Quiz time

Who is the most happiest between engagement and the marriage?

Its neither the boy or the girl but the telephone company which is the happiest

On a different note what was I doing on evenings before 22 January 2011? So the evenings are spent talking to the Wife-to-be on phone. Its time I give her a name. The Wife-To-be is somewhat….how to say it… not romantic.

Living on the two opposite end of the city mean meeting cannot be an everyday affair, even though I would like to be more of an everyday thing.

So we have different office timing and the best time to talk would be when she is travelling to office in the morning and then back in the evening. She travels in a train for a short distance while talking to me. I have now learnt to identify where she is is based on the background noise.

I can imagine and state correctly the whole route by listening to the background sounds and believe me, I am good. It was the same knowledge which I used to give her a surprise during Valentine day.

Yes! I had my first Valentine day!

There are a number of background noises I hear during the whole chit chat to and from the office. Most of them identifiable. But there was one noise I could not identify.

When she is on the railway platform, a continuous beep sound could be heard in the background. I asked about it and she did not know. I have been travelling on the Mumbai locals for a long time and even I have not heard the sound or maybe did not pay attention to the sound. I heard the sound everyday as she waited for the train but I still could not figure out what was the sound.

Few days back while travelling with my mom, I was waiting for the train at Mumbai Central Station and I heard the sound again, the same continuous beep sound.

The Mumbai local trains have introduced a small compartment reserved for handicapped and cancer patients. The compartment is mostly the 6th compartment in a 12 compartment train. Earlier it was very small. Now its much bigger in size. It allows the handicapped people to travel in little comfort.

The train has a board which shows the location of the compartment. On the platform, an illuminated board shows the location of the compartment so a handicapped person can identify it and find it easily.

But how would a blind person identify the compartment if he/she cannot see it?

The answer is quite simple. By verbal aid. The board gives a continuous beep in regular interval. The blind person can identify the compartment with the beeping sound and get into the handicapped compartment easily.

With all my senses intact, it becomes difficult to really understand how a handicapped person will go along in his/her life. I take things for granted but they don’t. Someone thinks about the way to make things easier for them. Sometimes what you need is a simple logic.

Quite a simple idea when you think about it!

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The Camel’s back road is known as Camel Back road because of a naturally formed rock formation which looks like what else but Camel’s back. The road is between Kulri Bazaar and Library bazaar

All the while we were thinking that camel’s back road is called so because the twists and turns of the road resemble the humps of a Camel’s back. We had the option of travelling the road on horse but many of us decided to walk to enjoy the weather.

It was a very long walk but walking gave us a chance to take many photos


The fog covered mountains on Camel’s Back road


The road is lined with light lamps from the past era


And old houses…


The road offers a bird eye view of  Mussoorie


Resting place like these offer some respite on the long road


My friends posing for photograph at a resting place


Cables and wires running through the hills


Found this little one roaming alone on the road


The cemetery on the road is present from Britisher’s time and has many Britisher’s resting after their death


A broken lamp on the streets


The  cemetery entrance looking like a church


Finally the Camel’s Back rock. The rock is naturally formed rock on the small hill and we were looking at the mountain opposite imagining the whole mountain to be the hump of the camel

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The 1st day of the year and travelling more than 6000 kilometers in 6 days by air, car and boat with almost 4500 kilometers in less than 16 hours

Having fish for 6 days

Attending a Malayalam Christian wedding

Watching Kerala’s laid back life from close quarters

Watching miles and miles of greenery

The trip to Kerala at the start of the year has been a good experience


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The final part after 1st part and 2nd part


July 2009


Koraigadh, Lonavla


Neral in Monsoon


August 2009




Silonda Trail, Sanjay Gandhi National Park


Kanheri Caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park


September 2009






Camel’s Back Road, Mussoorie


YHAI Hostel, Mussoorie


Haridwar – the second trip within 4 months.


Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand


Jim Corbett National park, Uttarakhand


Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand


Corbett Fall, Ramnagar


Nainital, Uttarakhand


Kausani, Uttarakhand


Kausani-Kathgodam, Uttarakhand


Humayum Tomb, Delhi


October 2009


Kothligadh, Karjat


From Kothligadh


Kothligadh, Karjat


November 2009

Brother’s marriage


December 2009

Just lazy to go anywhere


So this has been my most travelled year. Plan to better it in 2010, hopefully. There’s still a lot of world to be seen


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Continuing from the first part


March 2009


Panhalgadh, Kolhapur


Mathew at Panhalgadh


The grain godown at Panhalgadh


Narsobachi Wadi


The 75 feet tallest Ganesh idol, Chinmaya Ganadish near Kolhapur


The Rankala Lake, Kolhapur


New Palace, Kolhapur


April 2009


Mamachi Wadi Beach, Arnala, Virar


May 2009

Too many birthday parties


June 2009


Gangotri, Uttarakhand



Tehri Dam


Haridwar, Uttarakhand


Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand




Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai


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I have travelled a lot in 2009 which started from the first day of 2009. Its said that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will continue doing it the whole year.

Incidentally, I will be travelling on Jan 1st 2010 and plan to have a wonderful time being happy, taking pictures and travelling. Hopefully, the above will be true and I will be travelling, be happy and take pictures for the whole year.

This year, I have managed a trip for 9 out of 12 months. More than 60% of the post were of my travel stories. A look back at some memorable ones

January 2009


The magnificent Golden Temple in Amritsar


Jalianwala Baug in Amritsar – A symbol of sacrifice of Indian Freedom Struggle


Panchpula – Dalhousie


A view from Kalatop – Himachal Pradesh


Khajjiar – The Switzerland of India in Himachal Pradesh


DSC_5798-Copy copy

A walk to Chamba, the 1000 year old town in Himachal Pradesh


The 1000 year old town of Chamba


Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh


February 2009


Malavli, Near Lonavla, Maharahstra


Bhaja Caves – Near Lonavla, Maharahstra



Lohagadh, Maharahstra


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