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Movie: Raja Natwarlal

Year: 2014

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Humaima Malik, kay kay Menon, Paresh Rawal, Deepak Tijori and lot more other actors lending support

Director: Kunal Deshmukh

Writer: Parveez Sheikh, Sanjay Masoom


Plot: A small time conman dreams big and tries to con a powerful man in turn losing his accomplice and mentor. He then teams with his brother to take revenge on the powerful man.

My Thoughts: The film was a surprise. It is not a great movie but its not bad either. The heist or the con here is actually a well thought out plan. Not like in "Dhoom" series where style is more important that the actual heist is quite stupid.

The success of a con movie depends on the whole journey till the final climax. The end is quite obvious but its the way the movie and the story goes in implementation of the con.

The movie takes its name from Amitabh bachchan Starrer "Mr. Natwarlal" which itself was based on real life conman, Mithelesh Kumar Srivastava. The movie has enough twist and turns to keep you interested.

Indian movies do require to have songs and that is the main problem. The songs do not add any value to the story and at the same time breaks the flow of the story.

Paresh rawal is really good as the brain for the con. Emraan Hashmi does what he does, no complaints there. Kay kay Menon as the villian performs his job well. The heroine, Humaima Malik does not add any value but does contribute to the story in a small way so cannot complain there. All in all if you want to enjoy a good con movie, Raja natwarlal is not a bad choice.

UpSide: Story, Paresh Rawal, Emraan Hashmi, Kay kay menon

Downside: Songs

Rating: 6.5/10

Rating Means: Not A bad movie. Has a repeat value

Note: This is not a review. Just my thoughts


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Aamir Khan made his debut on television today. As expected, the debut was different. The show titled “Satyamev Jayate” plans to take up hard hitting realities of the Indian society.

He hopes to involve the average Indians in the issue to change the way we think and act against the social issues in India

Hope he succeeds!

But this is not about Satyamev jayate

The next few days people will debate how the show worked or did not. Its expected and a debate might or might not change anything.

The thing that got me writing was a post on FB where the person wanted to have a sense of positivity in the show as we already have many issues in the country.

I wanted to reply but did not. How does making the show positive would change our thoughts toward the issue. Its like “Things are bad but somebody would be working on it! But not me!!”

Unfortunately I am too part of the same crowd who shout and do nothing!

Couple of days back, I hired a vehicle to take some guest around Mumbai. While dropping the guest at their hotel and returning back, I got talking with the driver.

The driver originally from Madhya Pradesh was asking me about Engineering and MBAs. The driver told me about his cousin who got married in his teens to have children reach colleges when he himself was studying his masters in medicine.

He explained how education was becoming a business. Educated individuals were more lucrative in the marriage markets. An IAS or an MBA or a PH.D was worth more in the marriage market.

Father would want to get their girls married to highly qualified individual and would go to any price to secure the marriage. In short, grooms could be bought for a price. The more educated the more pricey he was.

Especially people working in government jobs. He told me that an honest district collector can earn Rs. 10 lakhs and above. Knowing that government jobs do not offer that much salary, I was curious to know how.

He told me that by “Honest” he means that where the person does not make use of his position to earn money but where he automatically gets a share of all contracts in the district.

I may be old school but I guess that was not what honesty meant. The definitions do change with changing times.

I know a person who’s sister who is a professional herself got married and her family spent a fortune just getting her married. The amount of money spent would get me a house in a small town.

The point is the truth is out there. Its ugly! Its real! The world changing faster and the values changing even faster.

Not something we can brush under the carpet. Its not going to change even if we sugar-coat it. Maybe we will change it and maybe we won’t

But the first step in changing it…Accept it!

The rest will follow!

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I guess I have grown up the corporate ladder. Now I am taking one day trip to other cities. These one day trips are good because it just like going to the office and then coming back home the same day except that the medium of transport is an airplane.

One day before Diwali and the airfare had shot up more than 3 times. People rushing to be home for the holidays. Considering the morning flight, the evening flight is not full. All the seats in my row are vacant. Most of us are home

Being the first Diwali after the marriage means I have to be home before tomorrow. Amu is waiting.

35000 feet up in the air, I am on my way home.

Even after so many flights, I have a scary feeling every time the plane takes flight. I have to calm my nerves when the plane takes flight, more when I am travelling alone. Its not just the flight but I think I am more scared nowadays…of everything.

For an unknown reason.  Hope this feeling passes out.

Maybe the feeling is because I am not alone now. With the responsibility of another person, I am worrying about the future, But then her "Don’t worry" can work wonders too. As everybody sleeps around me and I can even hear someone snoring over the engine’s sound, I am going through my wedding pictures. The marriage will be 5 months old 4 days from now.

Its the time of knowing each other.

We have married late in life and we have lots of catching up to do. I want to hold up to every moment that passes. The wait was worth it!

In all my trips to Delhi, this is the second most fastest stay here. The earlier one was back in New Year eve of 2010 when I landed just before midnight and was out of Delhi by 6:00 AM.

On my flight and return from Delhi, I have been travelling on Indigo flight. I was surprised to see the same hairstyle for all hairhostess until I realized that they were all probably wearing a wig. Having the same Uniform is mandatory for Air staff but same hair style is taking the matters just too far.

Its after many days I felt like writing. Just expressing without any topic to discuss. I want to write but work and life takes preference over writing. With a photo blog that demands attention everyday, F2F takes a back seat and then subjects become old and I lose the enthusiasm to write about that topic.

Reaching home in couple of hour and publishing this. Hope you all have a good Diwali

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali from Amu and Me!

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“Pushpak” is one of my favourite movie. It was one clever piece of writing, combined with good humour and good acting by Kamal Hasan and Amla. “Pushpak” proved that a story could be told and does not need gimmicks.

But this is not about “Pushpak”, not entirely. Rather its about the climax of “Pushpak” when Kamal Hassan admits to Amla that he is not the rich man he has been pretending to be. As she leaves the hotel forever, she throws him her address (although its an assumption). The twist of fate and the gust of wind blows the paper from Kamal Hassan’s hand into a sewage drain.

With the paper ends the movie and the hope of kamal Hassan to find Amla. It was a rather sad ending to the “quite” humorous movie.

“Pushpak” was made way back in 1987 when computers were still Greek for most people in the world, when buying a computer was not even on the agenda of an Indian family and when Computers was not a part of many careers.

But times have changed. From the dial-up modem to the always-on broadband connection, the world, the computers and the internet has come a long way since “Pushpak” 24 years ago.

It would be very difficult to imagine a “Pushpak” today. If he would have tried then too, I guess getting Amla’s address from the hotel would not have been impossible but a logical way of finding her.

But then “Pushpak” would not have been a tragedy.

Today its not that difficult to find someone with Internet touching most of our life. Although in India, many still do not have a digital identity, it would not be long when Internet will make an impact on our life. It takes the concept of “Six degree of Separation” to a total different level.

Facebook, orkut, Linkedin and even Matrimonial sites can offer load of information.

“Pushpak, Part 2” if ever made would have Kamal Hassan finding Amla’s name or the magician’s name from the hotel’s website, then searching the social sites, matching the profile with the information he has and zeroing on the exact person.

Maybe he can later send her a friend’s request or just poke her on Facebook. If he really tries and put efforts, he can find Amla and then “Pushpak Part 2” will end on a happy note.

Today we have gadgets and devices to help us stay connected. I read a few days back that it has really become difficult to stay anonymous in the Internet age. Can I stay anonymous even If i want to?

Now social sites and gadgets urge you to stay connected. We may not meet people physically but we will know what is happening in their life. We have mobile, computers, notebooks, Internet to stay connected.

Maybe all this accompanied with the will to actually meet will result in physical meeting. But then with a fast moving world and less time in our hand, the world will move into a virtual world. We stay connected but do we communicate?

That is a debatable question.

So is there a “Pushpak” possible in today’s connected world? I have my doubts.

But if Kamal Hassan had known about Internet, he wouldn’t have felt sad about that piece of paper that went down the drain.


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There was a long time ago when India got its independence and even though his strategy are criticized today, a nation stood behind a man who inspired them to fight the British.

There has rarely been an Indian who had enjoyed such a following since then. Now in 2011, a team is inspired to give whatever it takes to win a cricket world cup. But then its just not a game. Its much more than that.

Cricket is passion for the people of India and Sachin Tendulkar is god!

In a country obsessed with cricket and where everyone has an opinion how India should play, a world cup after a gap of 28 years is a historical moment.

From the start of the tournament, it was always for Sachin. The dedication and the love of the game he had shown over the last 21 years had to end on a memorable climax. Although its not a climax for him yet but this was the goal that had eluded him for years

A team inspired to take it to the final for a man who inspired them in every match. A man who was carried around the stadium on the shoulders of his team mates.

“Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting that we carried him on our shoulders after this win," Virat, who carried Tendulkar on his shoulder for an emotional lap of honour

But 2011 was not going to be a failure. Yes! We had doubts and the team struggled but as Dhoni said “We peaked at the right time!”

He cried. He finally made it. His team made it for him.

A few days from now, this will become just another news retold as many times as possible. We will be telling the next generation how a team got inspired from a god.

Tomorrow will be another day, and history has been written.

But for today, lets enjoy the tears. we have waited 28 years for them!


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When India started with the world cup, we were too good of a team on paper. Rightly saying that team India had changed a lot in the past few year becoming more aggressive and competitive. That does not hide the fact that everytime India plays, I have a feeling that it can be quite unpredictable.

But after more than a month of World cup mania, we are almost there. Almost

The India-Australia quarter final was the first step. India had not won convincingly before the quarter final and although Australia not being in form, it was still a good team. As we sat for a late lunch, all the TVs in the canteen showed the same channel and the commentators were busy telling how the pitch was and how it would change.

My colleagues and me were discussing our project issues. The canteen was unusually and rightly full as every eye was on the screen. As the team reached the ground, there was lots of cheers. We smiled as we continued with our lunch.

The national anthem of the teams started. After Australia’s anthem, Indian national anthem boomed through the TV speakers. Immediately there was silence and everybody rose to their feet. It was nice to see people respecting the National anthem although my colleague tells me that its wrong to stand for the National anthem in a closed room as per rule book.

There are many rules regarding the flag and the anthem. The government is so afraid of the flag and anthem being insulted that the flag has become the domain of the government only. I do agree that it can be insulted but then does it even gets the respect? There are many instances when the flag is hung upside down. Do Indians see the flag so less that they forget which colour is up.

In the past few months, the nation has been rocked by one scandal after another that its become difficult to keep count the scam and the money involved. The moral standard has gone down or maybe I have realized that lately. But its a fact that people are not that surprised about the scams. They are not that worried about a building which was supposed for the widows of the soldiers who gave their life for the country. They are not worried about the fact that every politician has earned for his next 14 generation together but we still have 41% of the population living below poverty line.

Maybe I am just frustrated here but people are talking about a game which is played officially by less than 20 countries in the world. The social sites are filled with India chants and “Go India Go” slogans. The cup has become war and nothing else matters now.

I can’t blame them either. The handful few who were supposed to better our life have completely forgotten their responsibilities. The democratic process itself becomes a choice between bad and worse. I never had a role model and now nobody even attempts to be one.

There is always a silver lining. Maybe all is not lost. Sachin Tendulkar still pays for India and his dedication shows. He falls and then he tries again but somehow keeps on surviving. I guess why Sachin is so respected because he represent every Indian who struggles to go ahead. 

Rarely a person has brought a nation so close. Maybe its for a short time. 48 hours from now, the winner of the cup will be decided. For these 48 hours, people will discuss the country. For these 48 hours, maybe we will feel what its like to be Indian again.

If we win, maybe the feeling will stay for a week or maybe a month and then 8 days later, the IPL circus starts. The city will be more important than the country then.

When I was small we watched those army based movies and then we children would go patriotic imagining ourself as soldiers. I guess we knew what it was like to be Indian then.

Now there is less to cheer about being an Indian.

I wish we could win just like every Indian wishes on the planet today. Maybe for a day, maybe for a month when news channel will convince us how great it was to win the world cup and how now that we have won the cup, we will be a super power.

Then I am stupid. I don’t have the courage to go and change the world because I have too much on my mind and hand.

I wait when the hero will rise and I will cheer and feel his victory is mine. I will bask in his glory and his fame. I will feel proud of him and myself again.

And then I will be proud to be an Indian again!

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A 38 year old divorcee, a 28 year old virgin and a playboy falling in love or lust. A sex comedy or a romantic story. Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Dil Toh Baccha hai ji” (DTBHJ) just could not make up its mind.

DTBHJ is a story about three different individuals who stay in the same house and having three distinct life style.

Ajay Devgan is Naren is a 38 year old banker going through a divorce. He falls for a 21 year old intern in his office, June Pinto played by Shazahn Padamsee

Omi Vaidya is Milind kelkar aged 28 is a wannabe poet who works in a matrimonial company setting up marriages. He falls for a Radio Jockey, Gungun Sarkar played by Shraddha Das who wants to be an actress and live in the glamorous world of movies.

Emraan Hashmi is Abhay Suri, a playboy who makes woman pay for his expenses. He falls for high socialite and Businessman’s second wife Anushka Narang played by Tisca Chopra. Things become complicated when her husband’s daughter enter the picture.

DTBHJ is about the life of these three men or rather the non-existent love life of these men. The story tracks their pathetic effort to attract the women. Its but obvious that there are lots of signs that these are going to fail. But neither the characters nor the story writer seem to believe it as the characters go from one humiliation to another that we stop feeling sorry for them.

The story fails to decide what it wants to be, a sex comedy or a love story. The first half is laced with adult and gay jokes. The second part becomes a little heavy with the obvious process of dumping starts.

Ajay Devgan’s story is the only segment of the movie which is close to believable. A middle aged man infatuated with a much younger woman makes an interesting concept and you certainly know how its going to end.

Omi Vaidya really needs to come out of the “3 Idiots” acting style. The way he says his poetry, it reminds me of the “chamatkar” poem in “3 Idiots”.

Emraan Hashmi’s character is the most confusing part. One moment he is confessing of being the perfect playboy who lives to have fun and the next moment he goes and falls in love with an older woman and then he falls in love with her younger teen step-daughter.

DTBHJ really does not pick up in terms of story telling and characterisation. The story slows down very much in the second half.


The music is good but then comes up randomly without warning.

Madhur Bhandarkar is made to make movies where stories reflect real life but has most certainly gone wrong. Comedy is not his forte.

DTBHJ is an interesting chance gone wrong. Wish it could have been better like the trailer

Rating: 5.5/10

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