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As I alight on the Churchgate station for a new day at work, I take a right instead of the subway. I have been doing this since the last few days. The road from the station to my office goes through the business district with building around.

The route from the right is longer but takes me along the sea. While coming to office, one station prior to my destination, I look out of the window to find a cloudy sky over a somewhat raging ocean. The weather seems pleasant than the usual humid Mumbai climate.

I walk toward the sea from the station. The shops don’t open that early and the road is much quite at this side of the town. The bustling business district is just maybe a kilometer away. The Buildings at the side of the road still have the old world charm. They have not been taken over by builders who build ugly glass building called offices with limited colours like blue and grey.

I cross the Hotel Ambassador. Everybody tells me that there was a revolving restaurant at the top of the building. I am not so sure of the rumors. A quick search on the Internet reveals that there indeed a revolving restaurant offering a breathtaking view of the Queen’s Neck;lace called the "Pearl of the Orient".

On the left is the renamed "Pizza by the Bay" It was earlier known as "Jazz by the Bay" where live jazz was performed by upcoming artist every night. I am not sure Jazz is still played there. Mumbai is a fast city. The concept of sitting relaxed eating and listening to music is probably alien to the metropolis.

These buildings were built when Mumbai was just starting to grow into a metropolis. When it did not matter if it was called Mumbai, Bombay or Bambai. Debatable issues which I have no wish to fall into.
I cross the road they to reach the Marine drive promenade. The sea beyond the walls is not as raging as I imagined it to be but still the waves splash the wall with little fury. People on the promenade are a relaxed lot. No office rushing people here.

I want to sit there and enjoy the sea and its breeze. Amu and I would sit here in the evening before marriage. We haven’t come here in a long time. Maybe we should again and maybe on a morning. The mornings are much quieter here. The occasional joggers with the whole music and pedometer and all that fancy gadgets and shoes and the whole attire.

The health conscious wear shoes. I see a middle-aged man with bright green t-shirt and brighter green shoes. Thankfully he is not wearing any green shorts. Another jogger lady experiments with bright blue pair of shoes. Another jogger ahead is comfortable with mellowed down blue shoes.

A middle aged woman in salwar tries to run through her weight. An aged man walks with a brisk pace. They all try their own version of something called exercise. A man in fifties is making a strange gesture of clutching his both hands and making a movement as calling everybody to him. A closer look reveals that it his his version of exercise. 

The young couples facing the sea oblivious of the surrounding. There is more privacy in the morning. A girl in a burkha comes along with her boyfriend. Love still find a way in a conservative society.
Then there are those loners who sit by themselves watching the sea. And there are the college kids who come in dozen admiring the early morning sea and sky.

Servants of affluent families are there to walk the dogs. I think walking with the dog is the best way to connecting with your pet. I guess a dog has become more of a status symbol now.
A boat with two fisherman wobbles in the sea. Early morning catch it seems.

As I turn toward my office, the clouds are just clearing up. The sun shines through the clouds and the first bead of sweat breaks from my forehead. An indication of the day to come? Maybe!
An extra 10 minutes than my normal way but mind recharged for the day!


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Quiz time

Who is the most happiest between engagement and the marriage?

Its neither the boy or the girl but the telephone company which is the happiest

On a different note what was I doing on evenings before 22 January 2011? So the evenings are spent talking to the Wife-to-be on phone. Its time I give her a name. The Wife-To-be is somewhat….how to say it… not romantic.

Living on the two opposite end of the city mean meeting cannot be an everyday affair, even though I would like to be more of an everyday thing.

So we have different office timing and the best time to talk would be when she is travelling to office in the morning and then back in the evening. She travels in a train for a short distance while talking to me. I have now learnt to identify where she is is based on the background noise.

I can imagine and state correctly the whole route by listening to the background sounds and believe me, I am good. It was the same knowledge which I used to give her a surprise during Valentine day.

Yes! I had my first Valentine day!

There are a number of background noises I hear during the whole chit chat to and from the office. Most of them identifiable. But there was one noise I could not identify.

When she is on the railway platform, a continuous beep sound could be heard in the background. I asked about it and she did not know. I have been travelling on the Mumbai locals for a long time and even I have not heard the sound or maybe did not pay attention to the sound. I heard the sound everyday as she waited for the train but I still could not figure out what was the sound.

Few days back while travelling with my mom, I was waiting for the train at Mumbai Central Station and I heard the sound again, the same continuous beep sound.

The Mumbai local trains have introduced a small compartment reserved for handicapped and cancer patients. The compartment is mostly the 6th compartment in a 12 compartment train. Earlier it was very small. Now its much bigger in size. It allows the handicapped people to travel in little comfort.

The train has a board which shows the location of the compartment. On the platform, an illuminated board shows the location of the compartment so a handicapped person can identify it and find it easily.

But how would a blind person identify the compartment if he/she cannot see it?

The answer is quite simple. By verbal aid. The board gives a continuous beep in regular interval. The blind person can identify the compartment with the beeping sound and get into the handicapped compartment easily.

With all my senses intact, it becomes difficult to really understand how a handicapped person will go along in his/her life. I take things for granted but they don’t. Someone thinks about the way to make things easier for them. Sometimes what you need is a simple logic.

Quite a simple idea when you think about it!

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There was a long time ago when India got its independence and even though his strategy are criticized today, a nation stood behind a man who inspired them to fight the British.

There has rarely been an Indian who had enjoyed such a following since then. Now in 2011, a team is inspired to give whatever it takes to win a cricket world cup. But then its just not a game. Its much more than that.

Cricket is passion for the people of India and Sachin Tendulkar is god!

In a country obsessed with cricket and where everyone has an opinion how India should play, a world cup after a gap of 28 years is a historical moment.

From the start of the tournament, it was always for Sachin. The dedication and the love of the game he had shown over the last 21 years had to end on a memorable climax. Although its not a climax for him yet but this was the goal that had eluded him for years

A team inspired to take it to the final for a man who inspired them in every match. A man who was carried around the stadium on the shoulders of his team mates.

“Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting that we carried him on our shoulders after this win," Virat, who carried Tendulkar on his shoulder for an emotional lap of honour

But 2011 was not going to be a failure. Yes! We had doubts and the team struggled but as Dhoni said “We peaked at the right time!”

He cried. He finally made it. His team made it for him.

A few days from now, this will become just another news retold as many times as possible. We will be telling the next generation how a team got inspired from a god.

Tomorrow will be another day, and history has been written.

But for today, lets enjoy the tears. we have waited 28 years for them!


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WSD Calendar

The Welfare of Stray Dogs calendar 2011 celebrates the many individuals and families who have opened their homes and their hearts to street dogs.

These wonderful people have understood the significance of adopting a loving animal from WSD rather than buying one from dubious breeders. In some cases, the families wanted to buy a ‘pedigree dog’ but found true love when they met one of our kennel dogs.  These dogs of the Indian Pariah breed are hardy, intelligent, good-looking, affectionate, and make instinctive watchdogs.

The WSD Adoption programme was started in 1994 to promote the adoption of street dogs and abandoned pets. WSD behaviorally assesses each dog and matches his/her temperament with that of the prospective owner. We also screen the owner to ensure that the dog goes into a responsible and committed home.

All the dogs featured in the calendar – although once living the hard life – are now the embodiment of ‘happily ever after’ stories in their new homes.  In spite of being adopted as adults, they have adjusted beautifully to their new surroundings, shattering the myth that only pups make great pets.

We hope that these success stories will result in many more such beautiful bonds.

The calendars are available at the following places for Rs 150. All photos have been taken by WSD volunteer and professional photographer – Rohan Mukerjee.


South Mumbai

Colaba and Kala Ghoda

Rhythm House : 40, K. Dubash Marg (Rampart Row), Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400023. Tel: 4322 2727

Dr Padam’s Clinic: Ground Floor, Mohini Mansion, Opposite Strand Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 005 Tel : 22834842

Greenfields : Army Navy Building ( back entrance), Behind Westside, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – 23. Tel : 65157507

WSD Office: C/o Mr F. Broacha, 2nd Flr, Yeshwant Chambers, B.Bharucha Marg, Near Fab India, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – 23 Tel : 64222838


Valhalla : Eros Theatre Building, 42 Maharshi Karve Road,, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020  Tel :  67353535

Dr Leena Dalal’s Clinic :Green Fields, Opposite Oval Maidan, Churchgate, Mumbai – 21 Tel: 66153497

Kemps Corner and Warden Road

Celebrations :  Cymroza Art Gallery, Warden Road, Mumbai  Tel :32953043

Ibrahim’s Pet Shop : Kemps Corner, Mumbai – Tel: 23806278


Pawfect : Shop no AS 10, Forjett Street, Anand Nagar building , Tardeo, Mumbai. Tel : 64463129

Dr Tina Rustomji’s Clinic :Gamadia Polyclinic, Gamadia Colony, Tardeo – Mumbai – 34 Tel: 23519105

Central Mumbai

Blue Frog : Mathuradas Mills Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Opposite Kamala Mills Compound, Entrance From Tulsi Pipe Rd  Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013 Tel : 40332300

Dr Makrand Chavan’s Clinic : Shop No 1, Matoshree Tower, Kohinoor Mills Lane, Shivaji Park, Dadar – Mumbai- 28 Tel: 24380756

Western Suburbs


Paws and Furs : Shop No 3, Kailash,156, Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai. Tel: 66990858

Tailwaggers : 16th Road, Behind Hawaian Shack, Bandra, Mumbai. Tel: 9820127572


Dawgz : B4, Snowhite CHS, Ground Floor,  18th Road, Opposite Fabindia on Khar Danda Road, Khar (W), Mumbai. Tel  26056810

Vile Parle

Pet Range : Shop No 4, Saroj Building, Opposite Grasshopper Restaurant, Near Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400 056.


Dogaholics : Shop No 6, Garden View, Shastri Nagar, Lokhandwala , Andheri(W) – Mumbai. Tel : 9819004010

Eastern Suburbs


Dr Deepa Katiyal’s clinic
: Ghatla Village Rd, Opp.Ratna Supermarket, Chembur 8, Pushpanjali Co-op Housing Soc.Ltd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071. Tel : 25503887


Anokhi, 6, Russel Street, Kolkata – 700 071

Earthcare Books, 10, Middleton Street , Kolkata – 700 071

Please telephone the respective outlet for their timings and availability

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Do spread the word around about WSD’s garage sale !

The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) is an animal welfare NGO that sterilizes and immunizes stray dogs. WSD also has an adoption program for abandoned pets and pariahs, an on-site first–aid program and an education and awareness program in schools, colleges, streets and slums. WSD has so far sterilized more than 37,000 stray dogs and impacted the lives of over a lakh through first-aid,healthcare,immunization and adoption.

WSD spends Rs 350,000 per month on the above activities and we depend on the largesse of donors to fund these activities. One of WSD’s methods of raising funds to sustain costs is a regular garage/jumble sale, the next one to be held from December 18-20, 2009 (Friday-Sunday) at Bandra Reclamation, Bandra(W).
On sale would be LP’s,  Artifacts, Glassware, Kitchenware, Crockery, Crystal ware, Clothes and Accessories, Linen, Light fixtures and Lamps.

The proceeds of the Garage Sale would be used to fund the above–mentioned programmes.

  • Venue : Shop No 16, ONGC Complex , Near Candies, Opposite Leelavati Hospital, Bandra(W), Mumbai
  • Date : December 18-20, 2009.(Friday-Sunday)
  • Time : 10.30 am to 6:00 pm

    For more information please call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail


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Tapli Maaro!!!

So its better than what Maharahstra did in Lok Sabha. 60% of voters cast their votes. Mumbai did little better with 50% voters turnout. But I still think it was pathetic. Arunachal Pradesh did much better at 72%

Mumbai’s 50% land is occupied by slums. The city is on the edge of providing basic necessities like water and electricity to its people. The city is on terrorist radar and the Mumbai Police are ill-equipped to handle a terrorist attack. The infrastructure is a step away from breaking down and rampant corruption cripple the city but apparently for the people of Mumbai, this is really a non-issue as they continue to consider voting day as a holiday.

They are happy if they get to roam the malls. Two days before I was in a mall and I wished that the way people spent their time in Malls, they can spent a little time voting.

Unfortunately, sadly and regretfully Mumbai has failed again. I so much want to give a “tapli” to everyone who did not vote

But I did and so did everybody who I knew. So who didn’t vote? Really have to find these people


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After worshiping Ganpathi, the gods are immersed in water after 1 and half day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days or 11 days. However the biggest celebration is on 11th day when most of the sarvajanik ganpathis are immersed. These  Ganpathi idols are bigger in size, accompanied my many people in the colony or building or a locality.

Most of these ganpathis are known to have big idols and accompanied by traditional musical instruments or big banjo bands

This year I had been to Girgaon, the most busiest of the visarjan location in Mumbai and also the spot where the biggest Ganesh idols are immersed. It was the first time I was trying photography between such a large crowd. Taking picture pointing at people is a little difficult

Girgaon on Ganesh Visarjan day is a big fair. The energy, the josh and the excitement is in the air

Some of the photos of visarjan. Today the first part


The idol could be anywhere between 20-25 feet











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