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Back in the days of Doordarshan’s 2 channel ear, things were easy. We had mostly nothing to watch from the choice of 2 channels. Years later in the present, things have become a little bit difficult when we have nothing to watch from the choice of more than 100 channels.

I do miss the fillers like the film division cartoons and Ulta pulta and yes,  “Mile surr mera tumhara” a song on National integration. It was the time when film stars were celebrities which were rarely seen outside the movies except for magazines and stuff. But more that the stars, it was the song that made it more special.

Catchy music, celebrities, showcasing India and how the music of different states integrated and gelled into one great song. i still don’t know what it really means in all those languages but i remember the words of mostly all the lyrics. That song really brought out the India we always believed in.

So it was no surprise that I was waiting for the new version of “Mile Surr…” and I have to admit that the new song sucks, big time.

The basic concept of “Mile Surrr…” is that music of all different states is seen as one great song and not show a unique identity of each state. In the older version, the songs just moved from one state to another without even feeling like we are hearing a new song and yet each clip had a unique identity of its own.

The makers of the new “Mile Surr…” have completely missed the main concept. They have instead concentrated on film stars and their style more. Sachin Tendulkar is absent. Salman Khan has removed his shirt again but the concept he shows is good.

The biggest problem however is the song itself. A string of small disjoined pieces totally different from each other. At more than 16 minutes, it does not catch on at all. Neither there is any feelings, nor song, nor any relation to each other. Makes me wonder why was the video shot?

16 minutes could not do what a little less than 7 minutes could achieve almost 20 years ago. Its so bad, its embarrassing. They wanted to give each actors something to sing about. The older one had actors coming in for a few seconds. Watch Kamal Hasan in an effective 2 second shot in the old.  As I said, the newer one has actors but no emotions.

Watch the new one if you can catch it on any TV channel. The video is not available on Youtube. What can we say about a National Integration song, whose copyright rests with a commercial organization?

I guess the new song represents the new India, commercial, disjoined and each state separate from each other.

Enjoy the old one!

As for the new one, Sur mila he nahi mere dost!!!!


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700 – That’s the number of post I will be reaching soon. It took me more than 4 and half year of existence to reach here. Its been a journey, a journey to my past, present and future. Many people have never met me but had been a part of the journey. On the occasion of 700th post, I continue with the tradition of Full2 Faltu, when I invite guest writers to write. The guest posts are for 15 writers and it will continue till 699.

These writers have chosen to write to be a part of charity. I hope you like what they write. They would love your comments.

Previous Guest Writers

Presenting the next in the series. The earlier being


Sabu is a management teacher, writer, dubbing artist and a father of a 6 year old. He sure juggles a lot of things and has two blogs. One about a fictional Business school and one about ads. His daughter takes from him. Read on!


Gowri is just 6, my daughter and yet she has grown up to the world of ads and advertising. No shocks for me because next to her dads funny face and her moms tolerance of the same, the most seen thing for her was ads and ads only. When she cried (for no reason as most kids do) I showed her ads in my PC and she became contented, quite a satisfied baby. She beamed and giggled at the characters, their drama and expressions she owned and imitated with precision.

My best friend (who happens to be of communist thinking) accused me always of compulsorily growing her up as a consumerist neo gen kid with no real world dilemma. For me but, it began as a tool to engage my nagging child, later on what I admit got graduated into an easy tool to entertain her. The allegation of making a capitalist doll out of her, made us (me and my wife) think of other kinds of amusements to keep her glad but alas, in vain. My singing was not that engaging to her, proven by the fact that she cried even more wildly and underlining my wife’s theory that ‘you are a good singer only for your ears’. Her tricks of entertainment didn’t work either but I never ventured or dared to prove any theory for want of harmony in family life.

At 6 this girl analyses ads more capably than her Dad ever did, and finds fault in most of them. Of course she does not classify them as BEKAR and/or the BEST but she stops almost close to it. And she does a better job I swear, in truly seeing the best as the best and the bekar as bekar. She has no axes to grind and no one to please or no point to attest. She is frank and open in her smiles, her frown and her admiration accordingly when and where an ad deserves it. The Indian consumer has arrived?

She was taken to school for admission a couple of years back. The schools of these days are in spite all the court orders funny places to be. If you have had been in one for a kid’s admission process you will know what I mean. They have panel of interviewers ( you heard it right.. a three or more in numbers panel) whose only obvious intention is to petrify the kid and haul out the parent does a wonderful job in sending you back with frustration, anger, apathy and seamless jealousy at the rich parents and their lucky kids. Mad rush for an LKG seat made me ponder as to how easy is it in India to get a seat in a B school. It really is if you see it relatively. At least the selection process has some reason and rationale…..

Her turn came and she walked in wonderfully valiant and unperturbed, neither by the panel inside and their spiteful looks nor by the frenzy outside and the din that they created.

Sit down.. Said the large madam who was over weight, over aged, over made up and looked over suspicious…

Thank you … said the little one making us proud.

They signaled us to sit as well in a sofa a bit away from the interview table.

I sat with ease of having got to see this drama where my daughter was the heroine (or villain?) and my wife with her heart pounding as if this was a life or death issue for the little one….

What is your name? The old man asked….

He is the chairman of the trust… my wife murmured…. How I hope she answered it right…

Gowri Raajya Laxmi .. the little one replied and my wife released a loud sigh…

What is your father’s name? Pat came the next question

She didn’t reply… I stared at my wife as if it was her mistake…( the pun is not intended )

Heart thumping went up…

It is ok….. said the other man in the panel….

It is not ok…. You 200 year old toilet brush… I muttered to myself… I had taught her and made her repeat it a hundred times and yet… my girl…

What is your mother’s name? asked one….

She didn’t even think for a second before yelling…Laxmy Sabu…..

What is your mother? Asked the Madam in a baritone that would put even the Big B to shame….

Here, she got confused… WHAT…? What is what….

House wife.. house wife… my wife garbled in a pinnacle of nervousness….

Housefly… said Gowri and smirked….

WHAT?… The panel shrieked in unison…..

The girl didn’t answer, and perhaps the panel got the perplexity that bewildered the poor little thing….

Whom do you like the most?… came the next question…

I smiled… it’s me … its got to be me.. After all I was the one who called her all the pet names in the world… treated her like and angel vis a vis her mom who tried to teach her discipline at the age of 4.

The PUG.. She said with a loud voice and a large smile….

WHAT? Shouted the Large madam…

The pug… she repeated and looked at the panel, straight into their old eyes, with an expression that made them feel ashamed and wriggle in discomfort…

You haven’t seen the pug?… happy to help ?… she became eloquent and waited for an answer…

Well me… yeah but…. The panel looked like a shattered army….

You know Bingo? She asked them

Bingo… my lord… yelled my wife as she pinched and punched my thighs angrily, hinting that I was guilty for this manifestation of spoilt behaviour …

Gowri looked sad at the end of the interview, not that the panel was not wise enough to select her but that they golden oldies didn’t know bingo… not even the pug… she was happy to help them but they weren’t ready to take it…they weren’t mature enough…

She watches more ads today and is in a better school than the one which rejected her for being what she was. One day I guess she will become an Ad professional, like her Dad who left the profession half way to become an academic.

One day….

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The New Bajaj Pulsar ad

The Men! The Machine! The Passion!

Together…… Poetry!

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Jashn Mana Le….

Its almost summer and I dread the Mumbai heat. I haven’t been in Mumbai the last three summers and this summer I am actually very very afraid. The one thing that makes me realize that summer is here are the cola ads. As usual the cola war hots up during summers in India.

The three cola brand are known to fight out in the market and the first three TV ads for the season are out.

The worst is the Pepsi ad. Three big names Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and they could not even come with a good concept. What is Youngistan? Shahrukh does try to salvage but with a wafer thin plot, its already a lost cause. Pepsi clearly loses in the first round. It is no way near the “Yeh dil Maange more” or “Nothing official about it” tag line.

Thumps Up did not deviate much from the “thunder” image and has Akshay Kumar performing stunts with a touch of comedy. Even though the Coco-cola company which owns the Thumps Up Brand does not promote Thumps Up much, it still has many loyal customers including me. I don’t think they care about the advertisement for Thumps Up anyway

I did not manage to get the ad anywhere but to give you a small idea, it has Akshay Kumar drop a Thumps Up from his balcony into a small truck below. To get the truck, he gets into a girl’s car driving recklessly into the traffic and performing dangerous stunts. At the end he does get the bottle but not before crashing into a wall and finding himself in a hospital all plastered up. He still manages to drink Thumps Up ignoring the injured girl. Nothing new about it. but then Thumps Up is Thumps up.

However the surprise has been the Coco-Cola ad featuring Hrithik Roshan. More than the actor, the focus here has been the product. The concept is simple; friends, spicy food and ice cold Coco-Cola. Anybody who has the combination of the three knows the magic of the moment and its captured beautifully in the song accompanying the ad. The song “Aaj tu Jasn Mana le” (Celebrate today). Just live for the moment. The tempo of the song increases and the star Hithik Roshan does not shadows the product. A great simple ad with a foot tapping number executed well.

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Moods Again!

Of the numerous ways that people come to my blog, the main reason has been the Moods condom. It has been one of the top post for many days and It was not sexy in even half the sense. I just posted the review.

Youtube meanwhile has everything under the sun or on the movies. So I searched and sure enough the ad is there on youtube. I also caught the ad on television even after these many years. Its just been three years since I posted on the ad.

So here is the ad. Forget the couple and watch the other women. Sexy but not vulgar!

And while you are watching the ad, here’s the original Kishore Kumar version sung for Rajesh Khanna from the Movie “Amar Prem”

Its a total different mood altogether!

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We Indians take our religion, region, state, caste, sub-caste, sub-sub-caste very seriously. We like to think that our religion/region/caste is superior to others. Why blame the Indians? The world is divided into such groups based on region/country/state/language/religion and any damn thing we can find to differentiate us from others.

The new ad from Idea telecom featuring Abhishek Bachchan is a good solution to this discrimination. Whoever thought of the concept has thought quite deep about the groupism we deal in. The ad feature Abhishek Bachchan as the sarpanch of a village. To avoid the infighting between the people of the village based on caste, the sarpanch (head man) orders not to call anybody by their name. They will be known by their mobile numbers.

Watch it to get an idea about idea. The ad is simple in concept and effectively focuses on the “IDEA” brand too.


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The Battle of Nerves

I seem to like the Twenty20 now. The India-Pakistan match turned out to be a real on the seat entertainment. I walked out, came back, couldn’t look and then came back.

2 balls and the score is tied up. Who knew India could come back from that point? Always known as the chokers, they did come back and tied up the match.

From then on it was the battle of nerves. Who could stay cool in the moment of crisis? Who would break down first and surprise surprise, India did hold out and won 3-0 in the penalty hit-out.

Rahul Dravid has resigned from the captain ship. My bet is on Dhoni!

India Won! India Won! India Won! India Won!

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