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On 30th April, every year Netherlands celebrates Konninginnedag or Queen’s day. It’s the birthday of the mother of the present queen of Netherlands. It’s a national holiday in Netherlands and when practically the whole Netherlands population comes out on the streets. People sing, dance, drink a lot, eat a lot and in short have a real great time.

This year the day was celebrated on 29th April because the next day being Sunday, it was thought the people needed a day to get back to the senses.

The following are the pictures of the Queen’s Day today.



The crowd listening to music outside a club.


People walk all over the Amsterdam Centraal as public transport is shut down for the whole day. No traffic that day.


Everybody wear Orange or a tinge of Orange. Orange is kind of national colour of Netherlands. Shiv Sena and the BJP would have been so happy setting shops here.


People set up garage sale everywhere on the street of Amsterdam. Post of the garbage comes out and is sold at dirt prices. Sometimes you can find the book you always wanted in the dumps. At the end of the day, these goods are just abondoned on the road. You can get these things free then.


Beer is sold at every corner of Amsterdam. People get so drunk like the coupe here. They were chasing each other that they fell on the road embracing each other.


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