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Yesterday I had gone to Amsterdam Centraal for some work. It was just 6:00 PM when I had to return back. But somehow I didn’t feel like going home. So did the next thing I could think of. Stood before the Amsterdam Centraal station near the canal and just watched the life going by.



The busy Amsterdam centraal station. Everybody needs to go home

Sometimes a lot of thoughts rush through your mind and sometimes nothing. This is when nothing goes in my mind. A man was playing what looked liked a trumpet to me but I know it is something else. He was playing some slow music. Seemed like a contrasting situation where he played a slow soulful music while life rushed past him.


The man, his dog and the cycle.

I was watching him from the opposite side of the road. He was accompanied by his dog who sat by his master on a trolley attached to a taxi. Sitting lazily he would lift his head lazily to see the going-on around him.


The dog looks at his master. Admiring the music or just thinking will he play well enough so that he can get his dinner today?

Although I am still reluctant to point my camera at strangers, I managed to capture his photo. Even though he plays for money, he still was a contrasting figure there.


What are you looking at? An awkward stare from both of them caught me unaware!

A Man, his dog, the music and making a living in a busy city. Strange!


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