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The Indian Art scene is changing in a significant way. Practically absent in the global Art scene, news is coming of art by Indian Artist being sold at never before heard prices.  

But the question remains is if the Indian art ready to dominate the global art scene. A few artists here and there do not mean that the Indian art has finally arrived.India is still famous for its age old painting (Ajanta and Ellora) and Sculptures in numerous Indian temples and mosques. The way you look at it, that art is valuable and a history is attached to it.  

Painters like M. F. Hussain and Anjali Menon have their painting sold for lacs and even crores of rupees. But these are established names who have been painting for a number of years. Would the new young artist who may be as talented too, get the same respect and can rake in the same money as the senior artist? It is understood that the young Indian artist would not get the same respect on their first exhibition but surely the talent would be recognized. I hope this would help bringing out the talent that lays hidden in a number of Indian artists.  

Let’s take the following example. Subtlety titled the “Pancham”, the painting by a young Indian artist is appreciated by its ability to put the complex process of life in as simple way as possible. It brings forward the artistic inclination of the painter and still make a lasting impact on the viewer. A little complex to understand by the common man, it faces the danger of being branded as the infamous “Modern Art” 

The painting is titled “Pancham” representing the five elements of the universe namely metal, water, wood, fire and soil. The painting is made up of small lines in a group of five representing each element of the universe. The artist has taken efforts to limit the group to five short lines on a white background. The white here is significant as it depicts purity. Some of the lines are dark and some of them are drawn by light colour. The light colour are mostly surrounded by darker colour so that they can be seen. This signifies that for universe exist even due the different vices due to number of good people around even though they are in smaller number. The fact that such a complex idea can be depicted so easily shows the talent and inner belief of the painter.


The Paintig "Pancham"  Notice that each group of lines are made of 5 lines. The light colours are cleverly covered by darker colour to enhance the beauty of the light colours. Picture coutesy Sheena

Now if you are still reading this, the above is total crap. Yesterday when I sat sipping tea, Sheena came and sat near me with her color pens. She gave me a paper and asked me to draw and she started drawing herself. I had not drawn anything since I drew circuit diagrams in my Engineering classes. So I stated drawing group of small lines keeping each group to 5 and I choose the number randomly. After I finished the painting, Sheena asked me “Pundu Uncle what is it?” I gave her the above explanation. She looked at me blankly and said “Mujhe kuch bhi nahi samja!” (I did not understand anything). I nodded approvingly and proudly looked at the picture I made. A real Modern art, I say! The only problem is which side faces up? 

Got you?  


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