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I sit by the window of the old restaurant, book in my hand. The word in the book hardly make any difference to me. They don’t register in my mind nor do I understand their meaning.

I just read them. Why? Because its written there. No reason whatsoever, not enough to convince anyone.

“Did you hear?” That’s my friend. He does not live in the city anymore. He just visits during vacation.

The look on my face tells it all. He knows that I know.

“When did this happen?”

I smile

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He is disturbed, I can tell

“Don’t you think I tried?” I smile at him.

“But, I never thought this could ever happen, atleast not like this.” He continues.

A little more time and then he will not make a difference to me either. Neither he nor his words just like the book in my hand.

“Are you alright?”

“I have accepted it as my fate” the smile never leaves my face. Just trying to put a brave front, I guess.

“I think I will go home now” I say, still smiling.

“I will walk you home” He says.

We both get up. Coming out of the restaurant, he turns to the straight road to my house, the road that passes in front of her house. The very house, she left back after her marriage. The house I walked with her everyday – on the same road.

I turn to the other road, which takes me to my house but avoids her house. The road is winding and long.

He looks back at me “But this is a shorter road to your home”

“I don’t walk that road anymore” I start walking, smiling back at him.

…Just trying to put a brave front, I guess.


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