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It all started with Vi’s Story idea. She wrote a small piece and asked everyone to complete the story. But I could not give the short story the next chapter. I prefer movies to serials. I had to complete it. As I post this, Vi is out with her third part. So, there are chances of a different story version coming from the same story idea. As for now, this is my version……

This is my first story being published on another site other than Full2 Faltu. Vi becomes my publisher. I gonna be rich. Next year I will publish my own book. I will get nominated for Bookers prize and then Nobel prize and then a multi-million dollar deal to write my second book and…….

Ok. Now I need to come back to the ground.

Again Could not make it smaller, so a Long short story


“Talk to him once if you don’t like him then just reject him!” Mita was uncomfortable with this…she hated this concept…of being looked at or looking at someone in that way. It is so much better to know people for who they are without having to see them through the prospective angle/lens.
Its pretty stressful to talk to someone with that little piece of information at the back of your head.
It came as a relief that Nidhi had already done the ground work for her. She had already told the guy “everything” -all the things that had stopped others in their track! All the details. After all it was Nidhi’s cousin she was talking about.
“I can’t reject anyone! Its so cruel to do that”
“Fine, do whatever you want” she could sense the anger in Nidhi’s voice
And we all know when a woman uses the word “fine” that means trouble. “To be honest with you Nidhi…I am ok the way I am…I don’t want any of this”Fine. All I am asking you is talk to him”“I am more comfortable emailing”“Okie will let him know”“Thanks hon! And don’t you get angry with me…you are all i got here!”“Thats what i am saying let me help you…you deserve so much better…and would I pick someone bad for you?”

“Okie my head is going to swell up now…so i will talk to you later”

She kept the phone down.She recieved an email from him the next day. He told her that Nidhi had told him everything about her. He was fine with it, after all no one in this world is perfect and everyone has a history. And that he had heard so many good things from Nidhi about her. He wanted to know more about her from her…. At the end of the email. He asked for a picture.

Mita thought about it. Her heart and head both said “No” but for Nidhi’s sake she will send him a picture. She wasn’t a beauty just average looking…so she took a really bad picture of herself and sent it to him. Hoping he wouldn’t be interested after that…after all how much can a guy take! But surprise of surprise he fould her cute! And said how beatiful she looked.

And the email began to flow in…

He seemed eager to know about her. He had said all the right things. But there was something that Mita could not put a finger on it but something in her being advised her against it…some sort of sixth sense. It had warned her before, but she had supressed it then and the consequence she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She was utterly confused. On one hand was the pressure from everyone around her to get married…she was fast approaching the dreaded age. She didn’t have anything special about her…average looks, average finances…and then at the top of it the stigma of…she shook her head to not even start thinking about that….
Nidhi had promised her she told him “everything”…he never mentioned any of it in his emails…only in the first he had mentioned none of us being perfect….

She didn’t have it in her to find love again. And everyone else had given up on her…through it all Nidhi had stood by her like a rock…She still instilled hope in her…and after her(Mita’s) last attempt had failed…Nidhi decided to step in and take some action and thats how Vivek came in the picture.

—————————————- Vi’s Story idea ends here ————————————-

Mita was warming up to Vivek but then she had her doubts. Men are always like that. They come up as caring and loving at first but turn out the opposite, a complete monster. There were times when she was at the receiving end, emotionally and physically. Right from her teen ages, she did not have much luck with men. They have been arrogant, abusive, self-centered and violent. She did not want to go through it again. Not after all these years. She just wanted to be her. Was there not one person who could stand by her? She had given so much to every relationship but what she has got back in return?

As she sat one night thinking of where life had taken her, she switched on her computer to find one more mail from Vivek. Her heart skipped a beat. She was surprised at her own anticipation. Two months ago, when Nidhi had given her email id to Vivek, she replied back just because Nidhi wanted it. Now she waited for his mails, replied the same hour and sometimes just checked to see if he sent anything, even a stupid forward.

She opened the mail. As always, the words were warm and kind. He was describing his day and then was asking about her day, the usual stuff. Even that made Mita like him more. She continued reading till she came to the last line

P. S.: I know you may still not like it, but can we meet?

Mita froze, not by the request but on the thought of meeting him. Communicating through mail was easy but meeting personally was something she was not prepared for. For the first time, she did not reply back immediately. Mita spent the whole night thinking. In the morning she called Nidhi. Nidhi was overjoyed.

“You should go”


“Listen, no buts, just go! I know Vivek, he is very shy. He asking to meet is certainly a good sign and if you afraid to go alone, take Shweta”


“Fine! Do whatever you want”

Mita sighed helplessly. This was sheer blackmail. She agreed reluctantly. She replied back to the mail agreeing to meet him. The reply from him was instant and rather enthusiastic. The date and time was fixed.


From morning Mita was feeling a little nervous. She had to meet Vivek in the evening. She decided to take Nidhi’s advice and take Shweta along. Convincing her was not a problem. But her dance class in the evening was a big hurdle. She talked to Nidhi who agreed to drop Shweta at the restaurant itself which meant she was going to face him alone. She dreaded that.

By evening she was getting jittery. She fussed over her dress and her make-up and her jewelry. Nidhi who had volunteered to help her get ready was surprised at her enthusiasm.

They laughed like teenagers getting ready and fighting over the dress. Mita felt like a teenager again. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Not bad, not bad at all!


Mita sat on the corner table. No sign of him yet. Had she been stood up, again? She was made to look stupid, again. He last few days, she had felt a renewed interest in life, a will to live life at its fullest. She was willing to live again, dream again. As she waited for him, she was seeing her dreams crashing one by one. She smiled at herself. Atleast, they did not have to go through the break phase.

“Hi, Mita?” A sweet firm voice woke her from her thoughts. “huh? Yes! Yes! Ohh Hi” She fumbled with her words“Its Vivek, Sorry I am late. Had to do some errand and the traffic, you know how it is?” She smiled back. Her mind was screaming. “Say something! Stupid!”

“Oh! Don’t worry! I have just been waiting for the last 2 hours….only” She could have bitten her tongue when she said that. “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” her mind screamed.

He laughed at that joke. “I am very sorry. I will make up to it! I promise!”

“Please sit! I hope you are comfortable. This is odd for me too. I don’t meet females in restaurants, you know. But since Nidhi thought we should meet and she said you wanted to meet too.”

Nidhi! So this was Nidhi’s idea. She was cursing Nidhi in her head. What a show of anger that girl can put.

“I am sorry. But Nidhi told me that you wanted to meet” Mita corrected him

“Oh! Is it? The devil she is!” The waiter came to their table and they ordered giving her the choice to order for herself and for him too. She was impressed. No man had asked for her choices.

They started talking over food. A bit shy at first, they started opening up slowly. After some time, they were cracking jokes.

“This is different” Mita thought and smiled at herself.

She noticed that, he was glancing at the door from time to time. She had been doing so too. Shweta should be here by now.

“Are you expecting someone?” She asked“Yes! She should have been here long time ago!” He replied without looking at her.

Mita looked at him, shocked. She? Did he say She? This was not what she had expected. Maybe he had met someone else. This was just a bye-bye dinner. As she was Nidhi’s friend, he felt an obligation to tell her in person. Her dreams started crashing again. He was going to introduce her to his new girl-friend? She felt like a loser already. Why the hell did she agree to Nidhi?

“There is something I wanted to tell you” he said taking another helping of the pulav. “Here it comes” Mita thought

Without actually waiting for a reply, he continued “We have been talking on the email a lot. Nidhi has told everything about you and I feel that everyone makes mistakes”

“Mistake?” She thought, Even He agreed, it was a mistake. All this crap about starting a new life and everything, all this was a mistake. He was referring to his mistake of talking to her in the first place. She was feeling humiliated there. She just wanted to get it over with. She wanted to cry her heart out.

“Since the last few days, I feel that I have found the perfect person to spend my life with for the rest of my life” He continued looking into her eyes. She looked at him, shocked

Yes! She was right. He had come here to tell that everything was over. What kind of happiness did he get by telling her on her face? She had come all the way here to see who he was going to marry?

“There she is” he said looking at the door.

Mita was just trying to get out of the shock of him telling her about his “Life partner” and now the ‘other’ woman in her life was at the door. She turned toward the door, expecting to see a beautiful woman smiling, but saw a small 5-year old girl running up to him.

“Daddy” She jumped on him. He caught her lightly.

Standing behind was Nidhi, still holding Shweta’s hand. Shweta’s other hand was holding a dripping ice-cream. Shweta looked at Mita and walked to her.

“Mummy! Nidhi aunty is nice she gave me two ice-creams but Ashi only wanted one” Shweta smiled pointing to the little girl sitting on Vivek’s lap.

Mita was confused. Vivek was smiling and Nidhi was smiling and happy.

“Sorry! I did not tell you.” Nidhi started “It was just that you would freak out when you know Vivek was already married once, just like you. His wife died two years back. He saw you, when you came to drop Shweta in the dance classes. Ashi is his daughter. He saw you there with me and then when we talked about you and then I told him everything. Everything from your first marriage, your drunk husband, the abuses and the divorce.” Nidhi completed in one breath as she sat next to them.

Mita was still shocked to say anything.

“She didn’t know about Ashi?” Vivek asked “I told you Nidhi. She has to know everything”

“You don’t know she is paranoid. She has let a number of good men pass and always made some bad choices. Have you asked her?” Nidhi asked. Vivek nodded affirmatively.

“Look Mita! I always thought you had made some bad choices but then you always believed them. Even when you married, you thought he would change. He didn’t. If I would have introduced Vivek with all the truth, you would have backed out. For you he would be a married man with a child. You would have never known him.” Nidhi was trying to reason out with Mita. “I think you both make a wonderful couple. He wanted someone who had a child of her own so that Ashi gets the same love her real mother would give her.”

Mita looked at Ashi. She was a sweet child. Ashi and Shweta were playing at the other table totally oblivious of the drama happening there. Mita looked at Vivek and then at Nidhi. There were some decision to be made. It was of no use waiting and thinking it over. She was tired of putting her decision on hold and then regretting over it.

She looked at Vivek “Vivek, call me in the evening. We need to talk” She called out to Shweta to go home.

Vivek was silent “Listen! I am sorry. I thought Nidhi…”His voice trailed of looking at her face. Nidhi stood there silent. She shook her hands in despair.

Mita took Shweta’s hand and started walking toward the exit. Nidhi wanted to call her from behind but decided otherwise.

Mita stopped, looked back at Vivek and Nidhi. She kneeled down in front of Shweta and looked her in her eyes

“Do you know, who Ashi is?” Mita asked Shweta. Nidhi shook her head in despair expecting her anger to come out then and there. Shweta nodded a big “No”

‘Well! Beta! She is your sister” Mita smiled looking at Vivek and Nidhi. Shweta jumped with joy. Vivek was smiling sheepishly. Nidhi was too happy to say anything.

Mita got up, looked at Vivek again, smiling this time “Vivek, call me, I need to discuss a lot of things with you. A lot of things need to be planned out for the wedding” Vivek and Nidhi smiled back in agreement.


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