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Gone were the ages when a mobile or a cell as we call it was just a portable communication device. Wow! That was a very good opening sentence. But come to think of it, the mobile phones now a day double up as Voice recorder, camera, MP3 Players and even a tablet PC. Many of my colleagues have mobiles having a wide variety of features.  

I got my first mobile after coming to Amsterdam. In India, I never needed a mobile or lets say I avoided having one. So, here many of my colleagues would be looking for new offers on the latest model. Last year I had a colleague who was kind of Mr. Know-it-all in our project last year, a perfect Pain in the Ass (PitA). The kind of Me-Me creature whom I love to hate. He always had a opinion about everything and more often it would not be favorable to the other person.  

We use to have our afternoon coffee session near the coffee vending machine in front of a big window overlooking the road. Another colleague of mine had bought a new mobile phone with a camera phone and MP3 player in it. He was quite happy with the deal he got and we were just looking at his new mobile when PitA had to intervene in between.  

PitA : Oh this is nothing! I bought my phone from US and it’s a Nokia (some number model I don’t remember now). I bought this phone when the Indian price was Rs. 32000. This has a sleek finish  and titanium body and scratch proof and blah! Blah! Blah. Even if I sell it now, I would get s. 10000 for it”  

He went on for another 2-3 minutes about how he researched and bought the phone and how the new phones are inferior to his 2 year old phone and etc, etc. All the others in the group tried to tell him that the new phones have so many features than his phone. But no! he just wouldn’t listen. He wanted to prove how we were mere mortals and he was a class apart. It really bugged me so much that, what I did the next moment was totally unexpected even by my standard.  

I took out my Siemens A55 mobile phone from my pocket. It’s the lowest of low model I had got in an emergency.  

I showed him the phone and told him “This is my phone, it cost me 34 Euros with a 10 euros talk time which means the phone cost me 24 Euros which is somewhere about Rs. 1200. If I sell it today, I am sure I would get not more that 800-900 Rupees for it even though it’s a brand new phone. I cannot take pictures using it, nor does it store any MP3. It is probably made of sturdy but cheap plastic but with all this I can do something which I am sure you cannot do with your 32000 rupees phone”  

Saying this as dramatically as possible, I dropped my mobile on the ground. Everything fell apart. The batteries and the body separated with the keypad falling very far from us. I picked up all the pieces, assembled the phone again and turned it on.  

“Look! And I can still make phone calls” I showed him the display.  


The Siemens A55. I still use it. I have dropped it a number of times, not deliberately, but I did drop it and then it had broke and I have reassembled it again. It still works

The look on his face was worth seeing. Everybody around him just looked at him. He excused himself while we had a big laugh.  

He never talked about his phone till he left the project few months later. I know I could be really  mean sometimes.


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