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Today is good. I mean today is really good. Today morning mailed few of my friends and many replied back in spite of a holiday in Mumbai.  

The news coming is good. 

Sandeep is getting married and it’s a love marriage and that’s good considering the problem they might have faced 

Rakesh is getting married in a month or so and this was one friend I was worried a lot because his fiancé’s parents were very much opposed to this marriage. What happened during the last few months has been an anti-climax and the marriage has been fixed for May.  

Rajesh is getting married in June. He was one who wanted to get married so desperately and could not find a girl. Now He says he is getting married to his mom’s friend’s daughter. Its like “Jise dhoondta hoo gali gali who baju wale ghar main mili” 

Nishant is getting married by next month end. Again a love marriage which could have been stalled because of caste problem.  

So it looks like a marriage season out there.  

My only concern is they don’t reach my home with their wedding invitation cards. That is going to put so much pressure on me. Talk about peer pressure! 

I called up mom to wish her “Happy new year” which I rarely do and tactfully avoided marriage discussion which I always do.  


So all in all this New Year has started off well with a couple of good news from morning. Today is Gudi Padava, when Maharahstra celebrates New Year.  

On a happy note,

 I would like to wish everybody a Happy Gudi Padava and a happy and prosperous new year!


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Chay had tagged me long long time ago. I knew I had to complete the tag someday but it looked quite a difficult one to complete. So, completed it today. Sorry Chay for the delay.

7 things I wish to do before I die

I was never of a planner so it would be very wrong to say that I had my childhood dreams to make it to the himalyas in a one engine plane or something similar to that. Most of the events in my life have happened without planning and my wishes have changed with time. Seven would be a big thing to wish for, let me try a couple

  • I wish to live a complete week or atleast a day in my life to the fullest. Without a worry of the future and without a hurt from the past.
  • Fall in love again as passionatly and as magical it was the first time.
  • Be self-sufficient and secure financially for the rest of my life.

I cannot think of anything else.

7 things I do not enjoy

  • Self-glory. The "I" people. I sometimes think, there is too much "I" in this blog too. (its been 60 "I" until now) but this is one place where "I" can dominate others.
  • Studying for exams. Still not comfortable. Never been comfortable since I was a small child.
  • Secularist and Fundamentalist.
  • Waiting for people when they don't come on time. Sometimes I enjoy that too because it gives me an opportunity to observe people there.
  • Sitting in the office without any work.

7 things that attracted me to Blogging

  • To give my thoughts "words"
  • To stop talking to myself.
  • Just wanted to try something new.
  • Post anonymously thoughts that no one cared about.
  • To come in terms with my own feelings about things that I wouldn't say to anyone.
  • My Blog is my punching bag.

7 Books I like

This one is tough because I have not read a single book completely since a long long time. I use to read a lot during my teen days but most of them were detective or thriller paperbacks. But there can be categories that I like to read even today

  • Comics. Anything from Indrajal to Batman, Spiderman etc.
  • Cartoon strips: The first thing I open in any newspaper, the cartoon strip.
  • Thriller and detective novels. I cannot read romantic novels at all. Tried it once could not get beyond 20-30 pages.
  • Movie reviews on the net. Does not matter what is the language of the movies.
  • Blogs. Its great to read blogs. Its like getting to read someone else thought and gets your mind to work. Sometimes what I read makes me think, "Yeh bhi angle hai sochne ke".
  • News and News paper.

7 things I say most often

  • Teri toh!
  • Tu mere saath Narak main jayega!
  • Aaicha gho (A popular marathi abuse. Literally means "your mothers husband")
  • Sahi!
  • Shit!
  • Marvalo mujhko
  • Who toh hai!

7 Movies I love to watch

I am a big movie fan and have watched lots of movies. It will be difficult to list only seven but will try

I think I can go on, but the above ones have a better repeat value.

7 pieces of Music I enjoy

Again no particular choices. Depends on the mood but mostly English rock, Hindi film music etc, the popular kind. A song here and a song there.

Not many are favorite but listened to R. D. Burman, Bryan Adams, Kishore Kumar and Geeta Dutt once upon a time. Nowadays anything that appeals to me.

7 people I am tagging

Whoever wants can pick up the tag.

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I have been making stories from the time I have remembered thinking. Stories to escape a punishment, a beating at home or just to escape work. Not all stories were successful but some were. So after two years of bloging, I write my first fiction and then another and then another.This is a look at memory lane, trying to remind myself why in the first place I wrote all that.

Most of these stories are just voices in the head of a daydreamer.

The First Day : My first attempt to write fiction. A colleague of mine, twice my age retired from his job. I had worked with him for 2 years. His last years were extremely frustrating as he was sidelined and extremely unhappy in his job. On his last day, we had a big talk about what he was going to do after retirement. The whole account was from his point of view. He was indeed going to another colleague's marriage. Incidentally both of them were starting a new chapter in their life, one was after retirement and the other with his marriage.

Highway A1 : Last year I visited CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We started around 2 in the morning so that we could be there at the start of the day. CeBIT is a biggest IT exhibition in the world and a day is certainly not enough to see the whole day. This story came from Vijay during our journey in the car. Even with 5 more people in the car, even with bright lights on the road, I felt the shivers. Its supposedly true but I guess it's a legend kind of thing. Everybody knows someone who know someone who knows someone who has experienced this. My first attempt in horror.

She Can See : A story formed by collection of incidents heard from friends while chatting on late nights.

Papa Jaldi Aa Jaana : My Father worked in shifts. When my dad used to work in the second shift, my brother and I use to ask my mother when he would come back? My mother would explain to us and then she would sing this song which has always been engraved in my mind. The song is the title of the story. The story is dedicated to my father. Anybody can tell that waiting for a loved one when the person is delayed is the most grueling moments of all.

The Attack : This story was based on somewhat of a personal account. My Father died due to a heart stroke. Since that, even a small pain in the heart makes me nervous. Apprehension over some incident caused me a lot of anxiety. I spent a sleepless night over something I don't remember now. The story is a description of the night.

Rain : This is a story of "What if?". Sometimes you yearn for a lot of things in life, some of them you have missed something or someone. What if this things/people come back?

I hate you : This story is based on a conversation I had with a friend. After I told her one of my worst 'PJ' she got frustrated and said "I hate you" and I said "I Know!". The concept was to tell the story as a dialog between two people with minimum explanation. I guess I succeeded to a large extent.

Yaadein : Once She asked me "What would you do if I left you?" and I said "I would have to sing that song". Although I haven't sang the song yet, the story is a tribute to Indian movies where song form an integral part of the story-telling.

Always the Bridesmaid…… : Men, especially boys have the uncanny ability to find love when there isn't any. An innocently friendly gesture by a female friend can be interpreted as love by most of the men. There have been many instances including mine, when woman have said the dreaded word, "I never felt that way for you". Most men experience it a lot, inspite having no problem with them. While still, most men would never speak out for the fear of the above words and ruining a good friendship. Should they take a risk? It is possible that these men may become good life-mates. Women are a mystery and men are clueless.

Night Walk : This story was based on a conversation between Pranav and me when we thought of visiting a cemetery close to our house.

The Fight : I went to a party where the DJ played soft romantic music. I saw couples dancing. Observing them, most of them were dancing in each other arms. Looking at them, I wondered did they come to the party in a good mood? What were they talking before coming there? The story is again a "What if"story.

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Ek Kahani

I have always been a daydreamer. Right from my childhood, I have lived in my comics and fiction. I still remember when I came back from school and mom had to sleep in the afternoon, I would build stories lying in the bed. I was not allowed to make noise or play outside because of the heat.

I use to devour “Hardy Boys”, Enid Blyton’s fantasies and then dream about them. I never found the elfs and goblins, Enid Blyton wrote about. But my imagination would run wild and I would imagine the rich British countryside. Of course, Mumbai never had countryside but it really had some good places where we use to play our fort fights and chor(thieves) police. Now the place where we use to keep the chors (Thieves) is a big township.

I had read almost all the books written by Enid Blyton in our school library, yes even the Noody ones. Then there were the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew too. I could not get enough of them. We use to exchange the library book once a week. I would read the whole book at the same day and then the rest of the week would be spent re-reading and re-re-reading the book this time savoring the whole book slowly.

Then there were the Indrajal comics, Chandamama, Chandoba, Tinkle comics and Champak. I never got to read Diamond comics much. They didn’t appeal to me that much. Every night I use to sleep reading one of those story books and when I did not have anything to read, I would read my English, Marathi and Hindi text books. I would be fascinated by fiction.

Then I read Enid Blyton book about 5-7 school children and I guess it was called Secret Seven and then I was impressed. So, at the age of maybe 10-12, I wrote my first novel. It was called “Triple Three and the secret of the fort or something”. It was a hundred pages book with the best of my handwriting. I ended the story abruptly because the pages in the notebook were getting over. I still have the notebook somewhere in my drawer. It was one of the most stupid and the most pathetic book I had ever read. It was a story of three boys who go on their vacation to a village where there is a haunted fort and something like that. Heavily inspired from Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven, Famous Five and Hardy Boys novel. The three people in the novel were because in those times, I had two best friends and we use to hang out together. So, it was also inspired from real life, actually based on real life in terms of friends. The three friends in the book did everything that we three never did in our boring life. Now when I read the first page of the book starting with “Triple Three”, it sounds like a porno book.

Years later I switched to Sydney Sheldon, John Grissam and Frederick Forsyth but never moving beyond thrillers, mysteries, fictions and paperbacks. I did not attempt writing for a long time but day-dreams I did. While in colleges, attending boring lectures, I dreamt of stories. This helped me to two ways, one it kept me awake and two, it gave a false impression to the teacher that I was listening. Only once I got caught when I was smiling at my own story in my head, when the teacher caught me smiling. I had to stand outside the class because I could not explain what was so funny to smile about. I learnt a valuable lesson that day, never to smile while day-dreaming.

Years later, in October 2003, I stumbled into bloging. I wrote my first post then. The next post came months later, then the next came months later. It was not until I came to Amsterdam, that I started bloging regularly. More of it was my experiences in Amsterdam and most of it was my memories in India. Another reason was that I had a lot of time in my hands and the voices in my mind were more vocal now. Bloging was restricted to non-fiction until I wrote my first so-called fictional story on June 2005. It was an imaginary account of a person I knew who had retired.

I choose to write the story as simple as possible without using many unpronounceable English words that you need to have the dictionary to find the meaning. After that story, there have been many more. Most of them have been inspired or based on true incidents. I prefer to call my stories, incidents rather than stories. I cannot play with words neither can I make it dramatic, though I try hard. I have also tried to keep them short but could never do it. Once I start writing they turn out to be bigger then expected. It may be due to the fact, that I watch a lot of movies. So when I think of a story, it mostly plays into my head like a movie with the complete sets and dialog. What comes out may not be even close to what I have imagined but that makes my stories very big. I cannot even claim that these stories would be original. But I guess these are what they were supposed to be, just stories.

Then there are stories which got lost, remained incomplete and well, just lose steam. I don’t know how writers write because I am not one, but for me, stories have always been like ideas to a scientist. A moment, a word, a sentence and your mind starts playing games. You keep your eyes open but there is a big 16 mm screen playing the big movie in your mind just the way you want it. You are talking to people, but the characters in your mind are saying what you want them to say. If you sit and write those thoughts, then the story captures the mood with which you had started writing. If you don’t, then what comes afterward if like a movie you saw two years ago and trying to recollect what you saw and then remembering the scene in them, not quite like it. These are the stories which remain hanging in there when one day you find them sitting somewhere and you think “Why was I writing this stuff?”

So, even though with my non-existent grammatical knowledge, I try to write and weave tales. People, who read it like it, some don’t. But I continue to write because there are voices in my head, who refuse to shut up. I don’t know how long I can do this but yes till those voices stop, I am going to write this crap out.

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As I refresh my browser, another mail is seen in my inbox. Its from a friend. I open it, read it and then choose not to reply. He is discussing his problem with me, again.

As a child I was the silent one, rarely talking, forget giving opinions to anyone. But even then, I was a good listener. I could listen to people rarely having an opinion about anything in particular.

Everything changed when I started my first job teaching computer. It was surprising for me too, because I was never a public speaker. Never in my life I had spoken in front of people and here I was speaking to them, instructing them, teaching them and answering their queries. I tried to learn from my previous teachers who would dump their lessons on us. I instead tried to explain things in lay man terms. This made me a popular teacher but induced a habit of explaining everything to everyone, of course from my perspective. I found myself explaining and trying to make things easier to understand for other people from topics ranging from technical, politics, personal to anything under the sun and with the limited knowledge I had about the subject.

For so many years now, I have been listening to people, mostly friends. I will carry lots of secrets to my grave. It is a common human tendency for people to talk to friends and easing of tension they may have. So, for years I have been listening to them talk about their family problems, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, personal problem etc. It is good to know that all my friends can trust me to sometimes open their secrets to me. I, on the other hand have tried to help them and give them advice based on my logical reasoning.

It would be totally wrong to say that I know how they feel. A person experiences varied sense of emotions and only he/she can understand the gravity of the situation. We, who are outside the situation, can only imagine being in that person’s shoe and try to imagine the emotion he/she is going through. I feel talking to a neutral person about your problem can help to some extent. He/she has the ability to think with a logical perspective without going into the emotional upheaval. Sometimes talking to an individual outside a situation can give you an insight or a breakthrough to come out of that situation.


I call this “Sitting on the fence”. Whenever I start giving so-called solution which according to me is correct, I tell them I am sitting on the fence. It is they who are fighting, working in the mud. I will not get dirty but they sure would. I looking from afar can advise them how to avoid mud but I cannot go down and help them get out of the mud because I believe that people can advise you in a situation. How you get out depends completely on one self. The strength to get out of the mud has to come from within one self.

So, for years I have been sitting on the fence trying to help others get out of the mud. Sometimes, I have been in the mud myself and then they were a few who would sit at the fence and help me out but mostly it would be just me.

After all these years, I have realized that sitting on the fence is not without its disadvantages. Its not always that I help you and still remain free of the mud. When you fight down there, try to struggle out of the mud and I sit on the fence, there will be mud thrown around. This mud will fall on me and make me dirty too. It may not happen every time but yes it does happen. I started realizing this more when people started confiding in me more. Even though I knew that I could not do anything about it, I was desperate to go down there and help that person out. But I knew that going down there would make the person weaker because he would expect me to be there the next time again. But what do I do with the mud on me? In spite of me trying hard, the happenings in others life, does affect me. It makes me realize how helpless I am. It makes me sad and it affects me a lot. Their problems pushes me into depression which only I can overcome. The person has shifted his burden to me or maybe just shared his burden with me. Unwillingly I am the part of the mud which I don’t want.

But still I try to help, because I hope that when I am in the mud, there would be someone sitting on the fence.

For now, I think I will reply to my friend’s mail.

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The Fight!

A Rather long Short Story


“So why don’t you go alone? I don’t want to come” She blurted out angrily.
“See, you are making a mountain of a mole hill. What I said was we would be late if you change into another saree. The one you are wearing is good enough” He tried to explain.
“And wear the same saree I wore last party? No way! You go alone if you want” She did not want to reason out.
“See, you know very well we cannot skip Nikhil and Ashwini’s wedding anniversary for anything. Even after this unnecessary fight of ours now. They mean a lot to us.” He explained calmly.

She clenched her fist in anger. She knew she couldn’t debate with that. Whatever be the situation, they had to be there for Nikhil and Ashwini’s wedding anniversary, their fifth one. Five years ago they had eloped and got married. She herself had helped them get married in a simple ceremony. Both families had fought blaming each other for their running away but Nikhil and Ashwini did not care. After five years, a lot had changed. They had a son now and both families were good friends. She herself was married three years.

She took the bag lying on the table, dumped the things she needed and walked out of the house. He tried to be as calm as possible, locking the house behind her. It was no use fighting now and completely spoiling the mood. He hailed a taxi as she stood silently at the edge of the road. He looked at her and knew he was going to have a hard time cajoling her after the party. The next 30 minutes in the taxi were spent in complete silence. She was looking outside the window, he stealing a glance occasionally just to break ice.

“How could he?” Her anger was building inside “He does not understand how a woman needs to look good at a social gathering. He is so unreasonable. It would have taken me just 15-20 minutes more”

The traffic on the road made their progress more difficult. His cell phone was buzzing continuously. Finally when they reached the venue, it was already bustling with friends and relatives. A harried and troubled Nikhil was at the entrance welcoming guest as they came.

“Looks like he is getting married again” He smiled. She did not find it amusing.

“Would you please smile? Your face tells the story of a war” He joked again.

“See, you wanted me here and I am and now….” She felt her anger rise again.

“Where were you?” Ashwini came out wearing the best saree and bedecked with jewels.

Looking at Ashwini, she felt so insignificant but then she realized, it was her day. She remembered her five years ago married in a Rs. 200 saree they had bought while coming to the court. She deserved a better anniversary celebration.

“Where were you?” The question was repeated but this time it was Nikhil. “I told you both to come early. I need a lot of help here.”

“Actually my fault” He spoke before she could make any excuses. “Call from office. I am sorry! You relax buddy. I will take care. You take care of the guest”

She stood there smiling sheepishly. “So now he was trying to be goody-goody and take the blame. Trying to be a hero in front of his friends. After ruining my evening” she thought. Her smile camouflaging the anger inside.

“And you, you come with me” Ashwini nearly dragged her inside.

She looked back at him. He smiled at her. She did not. Was she still angry? Sometimes she is like a child, pampered, stupid and stubborn.

“Did you fight?” Nikhil asked. Then without expecting any answer “Kya re? Kitna jhagadte ho? Anyway, we will sort that afterward. First the decorators need some information and I don’t know what the caterers are doing and….”

“Do not fear when I am there” He interrupted him. “You attend the guest and I will take care of the rest.”

Nikhil ran back to the entry welcoming the guest while he walked inside trying to find the decorators. At the far end of the hall, he saw her laughing with some woman he did not know. She glanced at him and her expression changed. She gave him a hard look and then walked away with the lady.

“Gussa! (anger)” He muttered under his breath. He continued his search and tried to bring some order to this celebration which looked nothing but chaotic.

As the evening progressed, the venue had a festive look. It was really like Nikhil was getting married, again. Dinner was served and people ate to their fill. The DJ playing in the small garden had everyone dance to the latest movie hits. Nikhil and Ashwini were obviously the center of attraction. He looked at them from afar. Five years ago they fought for what they believed in, ready to make compromises just to stay together. They deserved to celebrate today.

He looked across searching for her, hopeful that she would be calm now. Couples were dancing to the latest racy music. Nikhil and Ashwini with their three year old son were in the middle of all that. He looked at Nikhil’s son who had no idea why mom and dad were dancing today but he was surely enjoying himself.

Then he noticed her standing in the far corner. She had a sad smile on her face. “God! She looked beautiful.

He should have let her changed the saree. She would have definitely looked more beautiful. Sometimes he can be so insensitive. What difference would 20 minutes have made when they were late already? He felt guilty for spoiling her mood. Had to make up to her somehow!”

Her eyes wandered searching for him. He was busy the whole evening. She had caught a glimpse of him instructing the DJ sometimes back but then she lost him again. She knew he was not in his best mood and she only had herself to blame.

“I could be so childish sometimes” she thought. “No one was going to notice which saree she was wearing in all this chaos. Everyone would be focused on Nikhil and Ashwini. What was she thinking?” She had been looking forward for this day when she would have liked to dance and enjoy with him. He didn’t dance and the occasion he danced it was quite funny to watch him. She had been so stupid to fight like that and ruin the evening for both of them. “But he could be so difficult sometimes.” She smiled at the thought of him dancing.

She noticed him exiting to the back of the venue. Must be another errand, she thought. It was getting late and many people were going home. Not many people were dancing now. Nikhila and Ashwini were busy seeing off the guest. Some of the closest friends still lingered on. The DJ switched to a softer music. Soft love ballads started playing on the speakers. Couples were dancing slowly at the songs.

She looked around. Still no sign of him. They hadn’t talked since they had come to the party. She hated Nikhil for making him work like that, even though she was well aware that Nikhil needed him now. She glanced at the couples on the dance floor. She missed him. Standing in a far corner, she regretted the fight and wish she was close enough to him to be in his arms.

He was settling the dues of the caterers and helpers. Awfully tired, he had been running and keeping a watchful eye of the proceedings. Occasionally joining old friends in the party, he was back in the wings for some work. He wished he had another person to help him. He was getting worried about her. He had not talked to her since coming to the party and hoped and just hoped that she would not be angrier. He was going to need a lot of efforts to calm her down.

Then the DJ voice boomed on the speaker

“Ladies and Gentleman, thanks for joining me in celebrating Nikhil and Ashwini’s 5th Marriage anniversary. You have been a good crowd and this has been a wonderful evening. But all wonderful things come to an end and this evening also has to wrap up. So this is my last song, a more romantic one to suit the occasion. I would request Nikhil and Ashwini to be on the floor please. This is for both of you!”

He smiled. Nice speech and the next moment he froze. He stopped what he was doing adding to the amazement of the people around him. The speakers played the familiar tune of an old Hindi classic

“Jab Koi baat Bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye, tum dena saath mera, oh Humnawaz”

“Shit!” He exclaimed. He had to be with her. It was their favorite song, one they had listened a thousand times lying next to each other, sipping tea in the evening and just listening without talking to each other. He would move his hands through her hairs and they would both lay in bed settling in the soft bliss of the song.

He hated the DJ for playing the song now, when he was not with her. He started to walk toward the dance floor.

“Sahab, Hisab karke jao (Sir, please settle our accounts)” The caterers and the helpers called from behind. He looked back. He had completely forgotten about them. He hurriedly settled their account even giving them handsome tips and rushed to the dance floor.

She also heard the DJ’s announcement and was glad that the evening was over. It has been a horrible evening for her. She couldn’t wait to meet him and be in his arms. She missed him a lot in the last 4 hours. And then the DJ played their song. Every couple has something associated with themselves which reminds them of each other. This song was just one of them. She looked around, her eyes searching for him. Where was he? He needs to be with me this time but he was not to be seen. A sense of aloneness overtook her mind. She felt lonely and alone. She could feel the tears waiting to come out but looking around she controlled them. The song was ending but he still wasn’t there. She rushed to the woman’s rest room to wash her tears.

By the time he came out, the song was over and those who were left were cheering the anniversary couple. He searched for her and found her coming out of the rest room. He knew she had cried even though she had smartly hidden all traces of tears. He smiled at her, she smiled back but the smile was a sad smile.

The ride back was a painful one. She was glad that no one noticed her tears, not even Ashwini who was thanking them both for their help. She looked outside with a thousand thoughts of loneliness rushing through her mind. She just wanted to reach home and cry her heart out. She wanted to end the quarrel then and there. He looked at her and felt guilty of keeping her in that situation.

Finally they reached home. He opened the door and she went into the kitchen. He could hear the sound of running water and thought he heard her sobs in between. She was crying. He had to do something about it.

She ran the tap water so he could not hear her crying. She let the tears flow and they flowed like a river flows into the sea. She wanted to go out and take him in his arms and cry like she never cried before.

“What’s stopping you?” She asked herself. She made up her mind and walked out of the kitchen to find him standing with a remote in his hand. He smiled at her and clicked on the Play button. The soft soothing words came out of the stereo

“Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye, tum dena saath mera ho humnawaaz…”

“Would I have the pleasure of a dance, please” He asked her

She laughed and stretched her hand. He took her in his arms. She rested her head on his shoulders as they both danced slowly to the tune in the background. Tears still flowed from her eyes but these certainly were not due to sadness.

“I am sorry” He said “I shouldn’t have fought with you and…”
She cut him short by putting her lips on his lips. He held her tightly.
“I am sorry too. Just plain foolish of me” She said. He smiled.
“One more thing”
“You looked really beautiful today”

She laughed while planting another kiss on his lips while Kumar Sanu sang slowly on the stereo

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CeBIT starts today in Hanover. Last year we visited the exhibition and it was awesome. The biggest IT fair in the world, it is the time when companies go for new launches.

The first big news is the launching of Ultra-Portable PC from Microsoft. Microsoft had gone for a teaser launch like arch-rival Apple where they had developed a site just for the launch. Codenamed “Origami”, it was termed to be the next big thing, a competition to Apple’s IPod.

What was launched today and from the details available, it looks a variation of Microsoft’s Tablet PC. With a seven inch screen, it has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, a hard disk and tools to send mails, create documents and play games too. In short, it’s the smallest laptop on the move but without a keyboard. There is not much detail available right now except that Samsung and Acer are currently licensed to produce and sell the device in the market.

It looks like a mini Laptop but without the keyboard. It looks like more-hype than substance now but it does not look like people will be rushing to buy it.

Intel has launched a similar device but with a better look and more importantly a keyboard. It does not look bulky from the promotional video and has more information about the device. It is not clear if Intel and Microsoft are promoting the same device.

Whatever be the case, the price of the device will be the key to success. Why should I buy a UMPC when I can buy a laptop with more features at the same cost?

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